Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

  • Yellow Gumdrop:So Wanna Play
  • Pear:Sorry I'm Playing With My Fruit Buddy Named Lemon
  • Purple Gumdrop:WHAT

Episode 2Edit

  • Lemon:Hey Pear The Look I Think I Found A Coin
  • Pear:Okay Let's Get It
  • Lemon:Oh No It's A Bronze Coin Not A Golden Coin
  • Pear:Uh Yeah I'm Gonna Dislike This Show Whatever If It Is

Episode 3Edit

  • No Sences Deleted

Episode 4Edit

  • No Sences Deleted

Episode 5Edit

  • TBA

Episode 6Edit

  • TBA

Episode 7Edit

  • TBA

Episode 8Edit

  • TBA

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