Food Fight(Pilot)Edit

  • 6th Place-Broccil-Episode 2-2 Votes
  • 5th Place-Pepper-Episode 3-4 Votes
  • 4th Place-Lemon-Episode 5-5 Votes

Merge OrderEdit

  • 3rd Place-Pear-Episode 6-4 Votes
  • 2nd Place-Ice Cream-Episode 8-12 Votes
  • 1st Place-Orange-Episode 8-24 Votes 

Food Fight 2(Season 1)Edit

  • 18th Place-Broccoli-Episode 2-1 Vote
  • 17th Place-Lollipop-Epsiode 3-1 Vote
  • 16th,15th Place-Pepper-Episode 4-12 Votes
  • 16th,15 Place-Onion-Episode 4-8 Votes
  • 15th Place-Chesse-Episode 5-2 Votes

Biggest Greatest Food Fight Ever(Season 2)Edit

The Finale Of Food Fight(Season 3)Edit

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